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Don’t get caught in the trap your bank is setting.

Commercial banking changed forever after the Great Recession of 2008.

  • Your loan relationship manager no longer has any lending authority.
  • They collect your financial statements, then turn everything over to a credit analyst (who you will probably never meet).
  • Your request goes to the bottom of the pile of whatever other requests that analyst is working on at the time.

Eventually, the analyst – not your loan officer – does most of the work on your request

  • Spreads your statements
  • Writes up the analysis
  • Then it’s presented to a committee of senior bank credit people – again folks you’ve never met or talked to.

This process can take weeks and weeks; you’re stuck on go, waiting to hear whether your business loan has been approved. Or not.

Putting my 39 years of commercial lending experience to work for YOU

Including 27 years as a community bank CEO

I will prepare your loan request in advance for you, which will include:

  • A thorough analysis of your requests
  • Your business history
  • A complete spread of your financial statements
  • Pro-forma statements showing your ability to service the requested debt

We will go see your relationship manager with a complete loan package, one that the manager and the analyst only need to validate since the hard work has already been done.

And, since you have a complete loan package, I will survey other competing lenders on your behalf so you can have two, three, even four prospective lenders working on your request at the same time. This way you are assured of getting the best possible deal for your company.

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